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Admin Code1

This is the Admin Code1 page list. You can click the title to browse the detail information.
Country Code Admin 1 Code Name ASCII Name Geoname ID
MH007Ailinginae AtollAilinginae Atoll7303491
MH010Ailinglaplap AtollAilinglaplap Atoll7303492
MH030Ailuk AtollAiluk Atoll7303493
MH040Arno AtollArno Atoll7303494
MH050Aur AtollAur Atoll7303495
MH060Bikar AtollBikar Atoll7303496
MH070Bikini AtollBikini Atoll7303497
MH080Ebon AtollEbon Atoll7303498
MH090Enewetak AtollEnewetak Atoll7303499
MH100Erikub AtollErikub Atoll7303500
MH120Jaluit AtollJaluit Atoll7303501
MH150Kwajalein AtollKwajalein Atoll7303502
MH160Lae AtollLae Atoll7303503
MH180Likiep AtollLikiep Atoll7303504
MH190Majuro AtollMajuro Atoll7303505
MH300Maloelap AtollMaloelap Atoll7303506
MH320Mili AtollMili Atoll7303507
MH330Namdrik AtollNamdrik Atoll7303508
MH340Namu AtollNamu Atoll7303509
MH350Rongelap AtollRongelap Atoll7303510
MH360Rongrik AtollRongrik Atoll7303511
MH385Taka AtollTaka Atoll7303512
MH073Bokak AtollBokak Atoll7303513
MH390Ujae AtollUjae Atoll7303514
MH410Utrik AtollUtrik Atoll7303516
MH420Wotho AtollWotho Atoll7303517
MH430Wotje AtollWotje Atoll7303518
MH110Jabat IslandJabat Island7303519
MH130Jemo IslandJemo Island7303520
MH140Kili IslandKili Island7303521
MH170Lib IslandLib Island7303522
MH310Mejit IslandMejit Island7303523